Prišel je tisti čas leta, ko večina ljudi opusti delo za vsaj nekaj dni in se odpravi na dopust. Med njimi so tudi slovenske estradnice, ki že uživajo na plažah in se v seksi kopalkah nastavljajo sončnim žarkom. Pa poglejmo, katere so nas letos s svojimi oblinami najbolj navdušile.



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Summer mode ON🐠🌴💗

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Nika Zorjan


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🥥 #naplažo #blamaža

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Tanja Žagar


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Natalija Verboten


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Danes Novo mesto (Q-landia, 25 let @radiokrka ), jutri Korovci (Gasilska noč, s skupino Plamen), se kje srečamo? 😊

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Savina Atai


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Don’t be afraid of changes,don’t be afraid to shine and be visible!🦋 If there would be no changes,there would be no butterflies.🦋 And OMG how painful this transformation can be-you feel you are loosing everything that all is dying…but this is the only way that the new is born. When we go THROUGH. I know that you have experienced so many times that you were shining so much,you were to much-and this is why they tried to shut you down,make you smaller,hurt you. And mybe they did. Already as a little girl. And since than you are hiding,making yourself smaller,walking on eggshells,trying not to stand out,not seeing your beauty. But the world needs Butterflies,the world needs you!!! You need you. The world needs Butterflies who shine,are visible,encourage each other and are expanding their wings THROUGH all the changes. Seeing each other,helping each other to shine even more.🦋 It is so so so WORTH to go through everything,so we can become who we truly are. It is so so worth to open up,despite everything,through everything-the more we open,the bigger our wings. The wings are LOVE. Love to everything,for everyone,for ourselves.🦋 And the bigger wings we have-the more people with big wings are in our life,who see us,protect us,love us,encourage us.🦋🦋🦋🦋 (photo: Niko Karo make up: none ☺️) #bethechange #butterfly #shine #througheverything #trueyou #iseeyou #expansion #beyou #transformationtime

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Lara Komar


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Tanja Ribič

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